Cilento is an ancient land of myths, art, history and culture.

Anyone visiting Cilento cannot fail to be enchanted by its territories and its picturesque landscapes.

Cilento National Park offers its visitors countless tourist routes and itineraries.

History of Cilento is made of big and little events. By connecting Roman events (Octavian Caesar Augustus made a province to raise animals and grow food for Roman canteens) to important Medieval events (the Longobardic Principality of Salerno, the arrival of Basilian and Benedictines monks, the birth of the barony with the Sanseverino, their revolt in Rome in 1246 against Frederick II), until the first "moti del Cilento" in 1828, with the uprising against Francis I, Duke of Bourbon and his ministers, followed by two decades of "moti" against the Bourbons, then to the unification of Italy to which quickly followed years of brigandage.

Traces, memories, monuments, culture, excursions related to this rich history are safeguarded thanks to the National Park of Cilento. Since June 1997, Cilento is inserted in the Mab (Mab stands for "Man and biosphere")-Unesco biosphere reserve network: in the whole planet (in over 80 countries) there are around 350 of these special protected areas, where biodiversity is protected and development compatible with nature and culture is promoted.

In 1998, it was added together with the archeological sites of Paestum, Velia and the Vallo di Diano, in the list of world heritage sites.

Soria in Spain, Koroni in Greece, Cilento in Italy and Chefchaouen in Morocco, represent points of the Mediterranean diet, that was inserted into the lists of intangible cultural heritage of humanity in November 2010.

In 2010 the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and Alburni was inserted into the European network of geoparks.


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